WV American Water’s secrecy continues

Back in December, the Public Service Commission told WV American Water that it had redacted (made unavailable to the public) too much of the information that it had provided in the PSC’s investigation of the water company’s response to the Elk River leak. The Commission ordered WV American Water to try again, and submit new […]

Updates from other water crises

It’s been a big news week for other cities’ water crises. First, Detroit’s emergency manager returned control of the city’s water system to the control of the city last week amid massive protests about water shutoffs. Bankruptcy attorney Kevyn Orr was appointed emergency manager by the governor of Michigan last March to try to bring […]

Tap water use to resume in schools

On February 28, Governor Tomblin lifted the state of emergency following the January 9 leak of MCHM into the Elk River that poisoned the drinking water of 300,000 residents across nine West Virginia counties. But many citizens are not yet ready to drink tap water. Concerns include West Virginia American Water’s lack of scheduled plans […]

WV Testing Assistance Program

As we mentioned previously, the Governor has ordered a small sample of in-home water testing to begin in the nine counties impacted by the spill. The website for this program, the West Virginia Testing Assistance Program is here. No testing results are available yet. Today’s Daily Mail article notes that the program will be able […]

Excellent summary of where the 1 ppm “screening standard” came from, and why it is not a scientifically derived safety standard

Ken Ward has an excellent account in today’s Charleston Gazette of where the 1 ppm “screening standard” came from (hint: it’s not pretty) as well as examples of a much more scientific that should have been used.  Here at Our Water WV, we have provided a lot of the same information, but Ken’s story puts […]

Dayton Carpenter provides more clear, fact-based analysis of water safety

Environmental engineer and water plant designer Dayton Carpenter has another excellent analysis of the water situation in the Charleston Gazette. He reports the following: Water company flushing may be incomplete if you live at the end of a line or in a cul-de-sac. MCHM has a low partition coefficient, so it does not tend to […]

Downstream Strategies posts results of testing in homes

Here is a link to Downstream Strategies’ letter to the WV Legislature on the results of the first 10 tests they took in Charleston area homes between Jan. 18 and Jan. 27. This was not a random sample, and the sample (10 homes) was very small, so this is only a first glimpse at possible […]

Governor responds to public pressure, calls for in-home water testing

Ken Ward has this article in yesterday’s Gazette. At yesterday’s press conference: Tomblin dismissed questions about any plans for home testing of tap water, saying there was no way the state or federal government could do such sampling in all 100,000 homes and businesses impacted by the leak. Asked why the state doesn’t instead do […]

Water distribution update

We have recently learned that if your community is in need of water, you should (in addition to calling the governor’s office directly at 304-558-2000), also contact your county’s emergency management agency. Phone numbers for these agencies are available here.

Low-interest loans available for small businesses and non-profits

According to this article, the Small Business Administration is providing low-interest loans to small businesses and non-profits that were impacted by the Freedom spill. Here is the link to apply.