Gary Southern pleads guilty, keeps all his money anyway

Back when Freedom Industries filed for bankruptcy in January 2014, Freedom president Gary Southern allegedly made numerous false statements under oath to try to downplay his role in the company. Why? He was anxious to shield his personal assets – over $8 million – from lawsuits. Looks like Southern finally got what he wanted. The […]

Public hearing Thursday on Aboveground Storage Tank rules

The Department of Environmental Protection is holding a hearing this Thursday evening on its proposed rules to implement the new aboveground storage tank law – the one weakened by the legislature earlier this year. Recall that the bill passed earlier this year gutted the bill passed by the legislature during the water crisis – reducing […]

More money, but still very little data, for remediation of Freedom site

Freedom Industries and the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) arrived at a settlement this past week in the Freedom bankruptcy case. The settlement would require Freedom Industries and its parent company Chemstream Holdings to contribute $2.5 million towards cleaning up the Elk River site. This is progress over a couple months ago, when Freedom […]

Charlie Foxtrot continues over Freedom site remediation

Freedom’s participation in the Department of Environmental Protection’s “voluntary remediation” program is off to a rocky start. Freedom sought acceptance into the program so that it wouldn’t have to remove all MCHM from the Elk River site, but would instead have to comply with a “risk-based standard” (whatever that means). Under the schedule laid out […]

Are you a victim of Freedom Industries’ disaster? This might be your chance for restitution.

If you or your business were harmed by, or you incurred damages from, the Freedom Industries disaster in January 2014, there is a new opportunity you should consider for recovering your losses.  Here is a link to the Charleston Gazette story from this past week. Federal prosecutor Booth Goodwin has created a Web site for […]

More promises, but no data, on clean up of Freedom site

On Tuesday evening, Freedom Industries and the DEP held a public meeting to discuss the remediation of the Freedom Industries site. But there didn’t seem to be too much real information to share. Freedom appears to be trying to minimize the cost of the cleanup because there is not enough money in Freedom’s bankruptcy estate […]

Public meeting on Freedom site decontamination next Tuesday

On Tuesday, March 24th from 5-7pm at the Charleston Civic Center, consultants from Freedom Industries and the Department of Environmental Protection will host a public meeting about the remediation of the Elk River site. Though the tanks have been removed from the site, the ground is, of course, still contaminated with MCHM and the other […]

One year out. Who is serious about fixing the water crisis?

The one year anniversary of the January 9, 2014 disaster has passed.  Back on January 14, 2014, I posted a piece about the crisis over on The Power Line about the situation.  I wrote in that post how our state’s leaders are not really serious about creating safe communities in our state in which people […]

Freedom executives indicted for violations of Clean Water Act

It was a big week for indictments against former Freedom Industries executives and the company itself. Earlier this month, Gary Southern (Freedom’s cheief operating officer) was indicted for criminal fraud – for allegedly lying under oath in bankruptcy court to try to protect his personal assets (at least $7 million) by downplaying his role in […]

Freedom Industries’ Gary Southern charged with federal fraud crimes

The US Justice Department and the FBI are charging former president, COO and board member of Freedom Industries, Gary Southern, with criminal fraud for lying under oath about his long standing role in the company.  Through various investigations, including Freedom’s bankruptcy case and federal OSHA investigation, Southern portrayed himself as a part-time consultant who was […]