WV American Water opposes federal settlement that could fund help for local area

This is a complicated situation, so you will have to follow some of the links in this post to get the details.  Here is the basic outline: Shortly after the Freedom Industries spill in early 2014, a number of affected citizens, businesses and government agencies sued Freedom Industries and other parties for damages in the […]

So, when did the Charleston water emergency really start? We don’t know.

For more than six months, we have heard regulators, politicians and the media claiming that the contamination of WV American Water Company’s water started on Jan. 9, 2014 when large amounts of Freedom Industries’ MCHM/PPH were first noticed leaking into the Elk River.  This past week, US Chemical Safety Board investigator Johnnie Banks reviewed the […]

Proposed settlement would provide $2.9 million to benefit impacted area

Today a proposed settlement was reached for the class action lawsuit against Freedom Industries in the US District Court in WV. This is a different class action lawsuit than the one I wrote about a few weeks ago, which named some of Freedom’s officers and other companies as defendants, but not Freedom directly. Today’s Gazette […]

Damaged by Freedom Industries’ spill? You have until Aug. 1 to file your damage claim

If you suffered costs as a result of Freedom Industries’ contamination of WV American Water’s system, you can file a claim in the company’s current bankruptcy case.  It is not likely that you will recover all your damages, but you will receive something if your claim is verified. You need to start by filing a […]

Class action lawsuit moves forward in federal court

Many class action lawsuits have been filed against various parties implicated in the water crisis. Typically, when multiple class action lawsuits are filed in the same court, a judge will order the lawyers to work together to come up with a consolidated case, rather than trying multiple cases that are very similar. This week, the […]

Corporations disappear, criminals walk and the public gets screwed

Two weeks ago, we saw a perfect example of why individuals who cause public disasters must be held accountable for their crimes.  Freedom Industries caused the conditions that created the new chemical spills from the LLC’s tank farm.  In my linked post, I pointed out that the needs of the bankruptcy court that controls how […]

Tank Farm Leaks Again (and Again), Charlie Foxtrot Continues (Updated)

Gosh, what could possibly go wrong?  Gov. Tomblin and the WV DEP have left the company that caused the January 9 chemical leak in charge of the clean up.  That company, Freedom Industries, no longer exists.  The company is currently in bankruptcy where creditors are intent on keeping current costs as low as possible so […]

Industry seeks to reinstate exemptions into DEP’s tank regulations

Industry comments to the Department of Environmental Protection regarding their S.B. 373 rules are available on the DEP’s website. Thanks to the DEP’s unprecedented transparent rule-making process, we can actually see what industry is saying, an advantage we didn’t have when Governor Tomblin convened his industry “stakeholder” meeting to help him draft the original SB […]

Freedom Industries, Lexycon, corporate chameleons

We are currently being treated to some great lessons about how the shells of corporate and limited liability companies protect individuals from being held accountable for their actions.  One of the basic tenets of US justice is that citizens should be held to the same standards.  More and more over the last decade, we have […]

MCHM just won’t go away

Ironically, two communities near Charleston whose water was unaffected by the Freedom spill (both have local, publicly owned utilities) are now dealing with MCHM. In St. Albans, Diversified Services, a company that has transported MCHM for Freedom for years, has been caught spilling MCHM into a drainage ditch. According to the Gazette’s article yesterday, DEP […]