WV American Water responds to Dunbar main breaks

WV American Water provided more information about the repeated water main breaks in Dunbar in a statement on its website. The company notes how hard it was to repair the leaks in Dunbar and how difficult it is to provide accurate estimates of how long it will take to restore water service. The latter problem […]

Are you a victim of Freedom Industries’ disaster? This might be your chance for restitution.

If you or your business were harmed by, or you incurred damages from, the Freedom Industries disaster in January 2014, there is a new opportunity you should consider for recovering your losses.  Here is a link to the Charleston Gazette story from this past week. Federal prosecutor Booth Goodwin has created a Web site for […]

Public meeting on Freedom site decontamination next Tuesday

On Tuesday, March 24th from 5-7pm at the Charleston Civic Center, consultants from Freedom Industries and the Department of Environmental Protection will host a public meeting about the remediation of the Elk River site. Though the tanks have been removed from the site, the ground is, of course, still contaminated with MCHM and the other […]

Bankruptcy judge supports $2.9 million settlement to benefit impacted community

Bill posted a few weeks ago on WV American Water’s opposition to a proposed settlement that would give $2.9 million back to the community. The $2.9 million would come from Freedom’s insurance money but, because Freedom is in bankruptcy and its insurance money is an asset of the company, any settlement making use of this […]

CDC visits West Virginia, but no medical monitoring yet

The Gazette had a couple articles last week (here and here) on the failure to come up with an adequate medical monitoring program for the population impacted by the Freedom spill. In July, the Gazette reported that CDC had promised to “send a team to West Virginia within the next two months to help state […]

WV American Water opposes federal settlement that could fund help for local area

This is a complicated situation, so you will have to follow some of the links in this post to get the details.  Here is the basic outline: Shortly after the Freedom Industries spill in early 2014, a number of affected citizens, businesses and government agencies sued Freedom Industries and other parties for damages in the […]

SB 373 already having a positive impact across WV

One aspect of the new above ground storage tank law, also known as Senate Bill 373 in the 2014 Legislative session, is having a big impact on our state, even before the WV DEP creates rules for implementing the law.  The law requires that all owners of above ground storage tanks above a certain size […]

So, when did the Charleston water emergency really start? We don’t know.

For more than six months, we have heard regulators, politicians and the media claiming that the contamination of WV American Water Company’s water started on Jan. 9, 2014 when large amounts of Freedom Industries’ MCHM/PPH were first noticed leaking into the Elk River.  This past week, US Chemical Safety Board investigator Johnnie Banks reviewed the […]

Damaged by Freedom Industries’ spill? You have until Aug. 1 to file your damage claim

If you suffered costs as a result of Freedom Industries’ contamination of WV American Water’s system, you can file a claim in the company’s current bankruptcy case.  It is not likely that you will recover all your damages, but you will receive something if your claim is verified. You need to start by filing a […]

WV TAP publishes final report, Governor ignores major recommendation

Today the West Virginia Testing Assessment Project(WV TAP) released its final report. WV TAP designed and conducted four scientific studies: (1) an in-depth analysis to determine the odor threshold for crude MCHM; (2) an assessment of the breakdown products that may have been created as a result of the oxidation of crude MCHM by chlorine […]