WV American Water responds to Dunbar main breaks

WV American Water provided more information about the repeated water main breaks in Dunbar in a statement on its website. The company notes how hard it was to repair the leaks in Dunbar and how difficult it is to provide accurate estimates of how long it will take to restore water service. The latter problem […]

Public comment hearings scheduled for water company rate case

The Public Service Commission issued an order yesterday setting out the schedule for WV American Water’s rate case. The Commission will be holding public hearings on the company’s proposed 28% rate increase in different parts of the state where the water company does business: Wednesday, Sept 30, 1pm and 6pm: Lewis County Courthouse, Old Circuit […]

Heads I win, tails you lose

That’s the main message of yesterday’s editorial in the Charleston Daily Mail. According to the editorial, the public has two alternatives: pay even higher rates to WV American Water, or continue to suffer from unreliable service and increasingly severe water main breaks as the infrastructure falls apart. The rate hike required to get there is […]

Rate increase has nothing to do with improving water system safety, water company says

WV American Water asked the Public Service Commission to exclude the community group Advocates for a Safe Water System from participating in the company’s rate case before the Commission. In a motion filed with the Commission earlier this week, WV American Water gave a number of reasons that the Commission should exclude Advocates for a […]

Why are WV American Water’s rates so high and our service so poor?

The slides from Advocates for a Safe Water System’s public meeting on this topic last Wednesday are available here.

Safe water system not included in proposed rate hike

In his testimony in the rate case, WV American Water president Jeff McIntyre notes that, in response to last year’s water crisis, his company has “begun taking careful, thorough and deliberate steps to evaluate measures to enhance the resiliency of our systems.” Here is the progress that WV American Water says it has made since […]

Water rates set to go up, but infrastructure investment falling behind

Lack of water infrastructure investment in the Kanawha Valley is a serious problem (see recent news articles here, here and here). In the past couple decades, WV American Water has made some questionable decisions about its infrastructure investment. WV American Water made a business decision in the 1980s to focus on expanding its system, buying […]

More on WV American Water’s rate increase

WV American Water is proposing to raise rates 28% (30% for residential customers). This is the second in a series of posts dealing with the rate increase. For private utilities like WV American Water, rates are set to recover their annual operation & maintenance expenses, and to allow the utility to recover the money it […]

WV American Water wants a 30% rate increase

WV American Water wants to raise water rates, again. This is the first in a series of posts dealing with the rate increase. The company made a 1250-page filing with the Public Service Commission to justify its proposed 28% rate increase (30% for residential customers). According to the utility, its rate increase does not include […]