WV American Water wants a 30% rate increase

WV American Water wants to raise water rates, again. This is the first in a series of posts dealing with the rate increase. The company made a 1250-page filing with the Public Service Commission to justify its proposed 28% rate increase (30% for residential customers). According to the utility, its rate increase does not include […]

WV American Water wants to raise rates, again

On Tuesday, WV American Water filed its “notice of intent to file a general rate case.” Under Public Service Commission rules, the company has 30 days until it has to file more information, including the amount of the rate increase and the supporting financial documentation. The PSC then has 300 days to decide how much […]

When will WV American Water start fixing its infrastructure?

More than a thousand people in Kanawha and Boone counties have been without water for the past couple days, as a result of water main breaks on WV American Water’s system. Some businesses have also temporarily shut down. According to yesterday’s Daily Mail, Although crews worked Monday to restore water service to more than 1,000 […]

WV American Water – Still planning to plan

Today, an op-ed piece ran in the Charleston Gazette under the name of Jeffrey McIntyre, president of WV American Water. This document is the latest chapter in WVAW’s PR effort to paint its inaction in the past year as some kind of major business turnaround. In the op ed, Mr. McIntyre addresses the questions that […]

WV American Water’s secrecy continues

Back in December, the Public Service Commission told WV American Water that it had redacted (made unavailable to the public) too much of the information that it had provided in the PSC’s investigation of the water company’s response to the Elk River leak. The Commission ordered WV American Water to try again, and submit new […]

New resource on water crisis and WV American Water

Check out www.wvwaterhistory.com, a new website launched today to present the results of an independent research project into the water crisis and the history of WV American Water. According to the press release, An online interactive documentary launches today at www.WVWaterHistory.com, telling the history behind not only this water crisis, the water company in question, […]

One year out. Who is serious about fixing the water crisis?

The one year anniversary of the January 9, 2014 disaster has passed.  Back on January 14, 2014, I posted a piece about the crisis over on The Power Line about the situation.  I wrote in that post how our state’s leaders are not really serious about creating safe communities in our state in which people […]

State government releases candid assessment of failures; WV American Water not so much

Governor Tomblin’s office released an “After Action Review“, an assessment of the emergency response to the water crisis, on the one-year anniversary last Friday. The report lays out a fairly comprehensive and honest analysis of what did and did not go well with the state’s response to the water crisis. The report identifies the WV […]

WV American Water: Progress or PR?

Last week, WV American Water began sending this mailing to its customers.  There is a lot of talk in the mailer about all the wonderful things WV American Water has in store for us, but haven’t happened yet.  This list includes: a fancy source water protection database that the company claims is the greatest ever, […]

Water company seeks to limit PSC investigation

WV American Water has renewed its attempts to limit the scope of the Public Service Commission’s investigation into the utility’s response to the Freedom chemical leak. Just before Thanksgiving, the company filed a motion asking the Commission to remove all testimony and evidence from the record that doesn’t have to do with the actions and […]