Public hearing Thursday on Aboveground Storage Tank rules

The Department of Environmental Protection is holding a hearing this Thursday evening on its proposed rules to implement the new aboveground storage tank law – the one weakened by the legislature earlier this year. Recall that the bill passed earlier this year gutted the bill passed by the legislature during the water crisis – reducing […]

Rate increase has nothing to do with improving water system safety, water company says

WV American Water asked the Public Service Commission to exclude the community group Advocates for a Safe Water System from participating in the company’s rate case before the Commission. In a motion filed with the Commission earlier this week, WV American Water gave a number of reasons that the Commission should exclude Advocates for a […]

What’s next?

Everyone said that having the water crisis happen during the legislative session last year was a great thing. I disagree. The timing of the water crisis meant that public attention focused immediately on the legislature with the expectation that legislators would “fix” the problem. There was less discussion of the longer-term causes of the crisis, […]

2015 Legislative Wrap-Up

On Saturday, the legislature passed Senate Bill 423. This bill weakened the Aboveground Storage Tank Act passed a year ago – reducing the number of regulated tanks from nearly 50,000 to 12,000; reducing the frequency of inspections; and allowing even more tanks to be exempted if they show compliance with existing DEP permits. This rollback […]

What difference does one vote make?

Good news and bad news from the legislature yesterday. The good news is that the proposal to reclassify the Kanawha River as a drinking water source was passed by the Senate Judiciary Committee without any harmful amendments. The bad news is that the House Judiciary Committee narrowly passed Senate Bill 423, the bill to gut […]

Public hearing on Aboveground Storage Tank Act rollback – Friday

There will be a public hearing this Friday, March 6th at 8:30am in the House of Delegates Chamber on Senate Bill 423 – the bill to roll back last year’s Aboveground Storage Tank Act. As I posted last week, Senate Bill 423 has been amended since it was originally introduced. The amended bill still significantly […]

Amended version of Senate Bill 423 moving through legislature

Earlier this week, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed an amended version of Senate Bill 423. We posted about SB 423 before – the original version would have completely gutted last year’s Aboveground Storage Tank Act, eliminating tens of thousands of tanks (including the Freedom Industries tanks!) from the regulations. The amended version of Senate Bill […]

House Judiciary Committee votes in favor of reclassifying Kanawha River

The House Judiciary Committee voted today in favor of reclassifying the Kanawha River (from just above Belle downstream through Charleston to the Ohio River) as “Category A.” Reclassifying this stretch of the Kanawha would allow for the possibility of using it as a secondary water supply for Charleston and surrounding counties. Based on previous experience, […]

Public hearing Monday on reclassification of the Kanawha River

We have just learned that there will be a public hearing on Monday at 8:30am in the House of Delegates Chamber at the state capitol on House Bill 2289, the bill that would reclassify the Kanawha River as a drinking water source. This would allow for the option of creating a second water intake on […]

Legislature starts to take action on reclassifying the Kanawha River

The Department of Environmental Protection’s proposal to reclassify the Kanawha River as Category A – which would allow it to be used as a drinking water supply – needs to be approved by the state legislature. House Bill 2289 is the bill that would do just that. This morning, House Bill 2289 was passed out […]