Contact the House Judiciary Committee about SB 373

As I posted on Friday, Senate Bill 373 is now before the House Judiciary Committee. This week we need to contact members of the House Judiciary Committee and ask them to strengthen SB 373.

Here are some suggested talking points:

  • Require permits and annual inspections for all potential significant polluters in “zones of critical concerns” of drinking water intakes – not just above ground storage tanks.
  • Require and fund Protection Plans for the zones of critical concern for drinking water intakes.
  • Create protective standards for chemicals used in large quantities in West Virginia.
  • Include “citizen suit” provisions that enable citizens to enforce the law if chemical companies or the DEP won’t.
  • The money to implement and enforce these new regulations should come from the industries that threaten our water, not water company rate payers or West Virginia taxpayers.
  • Get rid of the loopholes and exemptions introduced by the chemical industry lobbyists.

See our “Take Action” page for contact information for the House Judiciary Committee.

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