This website is a compilation of resources and information about the Freedom Industries chemical spill and water crisis that has affected 300,000 people in Charleston, WV and surrounding areas.

This page is built and maintained by volunteers. We aim to provide up-to-date information and resources – both about the immediate problem of getting people safe water, and about the efforts that are unfolding to hold those responsible accountable and prevent something like this from happening again.

We will be updating and posting on this blog as the crisis unfolds. If and when peoples’ immediate concerns about water safety are met, we know that powerful interests in this state will do their best to convince us that the problem is behind us and we can go back to leaving decisions in their hands. But we also know that there is a long and complex history that led to this crisis – a history of lax regulation, under-funding of critical public infrastructure, and centralization of water supplies. This blog is about providing citizens with the resources and tools that we need to get serious about change in West Virginia. We know that it will take sustained citizen pressure, not just immediate outrage, to really make West Virginia a healthy and safe place for us to live.


  1. steve sohn says:

    Best of luck. Keep us updated. We in Wisconsin here are fighting a huge open pit iron ore mine that Chris Cline wants to start here on the shores of Lake Superior. Do you know who this Chris Cline guy is? They call him king of coal.

    • Bill says:

      Cline owns coal companies in southern Illinois. Here’s his info on wikipedia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chris_Cline.
      He was born in Beckley, WV, and has given some money to both Marshall University and WVU. But all his current mining companies appear to be in the Illinois coal fields. I had never heard of him until your comment.

  2. Mont says:

    Who is funding the ourwaterwv website? Can you post some “About” information so that people know the source of funding for the domain, and the identity of the people providing information on the website? Is that info already on the site somewhere (I can’t seem to locate it)?

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