House Committee considering bill to weaken chemical regulations

The House Energy & Commerce Committee is currently considering the “Chemicals in Commerce Act.” The Chemicals in Commerce Act (CICA) is supposed to be an attempt to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act which, as we have already noted, has proven ineffective at regulating toxic chemicals. According to the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families coalition,

Among its many problems, the Chemicals in Commerce Act would:

  • Annul laws in Maine, Washington, California, Minnesota and several other states that provide most of the information on toxic chemicals in consumer products.
  • Continue the legal standard and other hurdles in current TSCA that prevented EPA from taking action on asbestos.
  • Make it nearly impossible for EPA to require health information for new chemicals before they end up on the market and in the products we bring into our homes. (This is one of the few areas where EPA currently has some authority.)
  • Significantly roll back EPA’s authority to restrict the use of existing toxic chemicals in products.
  • Contradict the recommendations of the National Academy of Science and the American Academy of Pediatrics for how chemical safety should be reviewed.
  • Require EPA to weigh the economic benefits of a chemical- like whether it leaves streaks on your windows- against whether it causes birth defects, cancer, autism, or infertility.

This factsheet provides more details.

The bill is currently before the House Energy & Commerce Committee, of which WV Representative David McKinley is a member. Representative McKinley can be contacted through his website. See the “Take Action” page for a sample letter and/or add your name to this petition.

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