House Health & Human Resources Committee to hold vote on SB373 on Wednesday, 2/12/14

Chairman of the House Health and Human Resources Committee Don Perdue is quoted in this morning’s Charleston Daily Mail as saying that his committee will strengthen SB373 before they vote on the bill at the committee’s Wednesday meeting.  After both Republican and Democratic caucuses of the committee met on Monday, Del. Perdue is confident that there will be a lot of changes proposed at the committee’s 4:15 pm meeting on Wednesday.

He also said there was great concern the bill needed to pay more attention to public health. Although the state Bureau for Public Health has the authority to enforce provisions of the federal Clean Water Act, Perdue said the committee is “strongly convinced” it must be reaffirmed in the bill.

There are no Republican or Democrat positions on the bill, but he said he’s confident there will be a number of amendments offered.

The original bill covers two main issues, and Perdue said he understands there are many more to address.

“There’s no way possible we could cover all of it during even one session, but we need to get as big a bite out of that apple as we can,” Perdue said.

The committee meets at 4:15 p.m. Wednesday.

If you want to see SB 373 strengthened, this is exactly the time to contact all the members of the Health and Human Resources Committee.  You need to do it today, tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon will be too late.  Here is some information about what the bill needs.

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