Public hearing Monday on reclassification of the Kanawha River

We have just learned that there will be a public hearing on Monday at 8:30am in the House of Delegates Chamber at the state capitol on House Bill 2289, the bill that would reclassify the Kanawha River as a drinking water source. This would allow for the option of creating a second water intake on the Kanawha River.

Given the various industry attacks that have been made against similar proposals, there needs to be a strong public show of support for this bill – and against any amendments that would weaken statewide drinking water standards.

If you plan to attend the public hearing, here are some pointers:

  • Anyone can speak at the hearing. Get to the House Chamber 10 min. early and sign up to speak on the page that says “in Support of HB 2289″.
  • Prepare to only have about 1-2 minutes to speak.
  • You can bring a copy of your comments to submit for the record. You can also bring friends’ written comments and submit them on their behalf.

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