Public Service Commission hearing on Monday

Next Monday (8/18) the Public Service Commission will be holding a hearing to resolve the dispute between West Virginia American Water and other groups that are asking the water utility to provide more details in the ongoing PSC investigation of the water company.

As we posted previously, the PSC’s Consumer Advocate, the WV Sustainable Business Council, and Advocates for a Safe Water System have all filed “motions to compel” asking the Commission to order WV American Water to provide meaningful answers to questions that those parties have raised in the case. Many of the questions that WV American Water has refused to answer have to do with the water utility’s emergency planning (or lack thereof).

Whatever decision the Commissioners make after Monday’s hearing will have a big impact on the scope of this investigation. If the Commission decides that questions about WV American Water’s emergency plans are off the table, then they are effectively signaling that they are not going to order any changes to the company’s planning practices.

Attending Monday’s meeting would be a good opportunity to see first-hand how the PSC operates and how the Commissioners are approaching this case. The hearing will begin at 9:30am on Monday at the PSC (201 Brooks St).

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