Public Water Supply Study Commission quietly sinks? (UPDATED)

Update, 8/4/15: I just received notice that the Public Water Supply Study Commission is in fact meeting tomorrow from 10am to noon in the Governor’s Cabinet & Conference Room (Suite 10) at the Capitol.

Momentum seems to have faded from some of the state efforts started last year in response to the water crisis. The Public Service Commission’s investigation of the water company’s response to the crisis has been stalled since December due to Governor Tomblin’s failure to fill a vacancy on the Commission. And the Public Water Supply Study Commission established by Senate Bill 373 in 2014 also seems to have faded into the night.

The Public Water Supply Study Commission met for the first time in September of 2014 and produced its first report to the legislature in December. The report mentioned a couple of key areas that the Study Commission would be continuing to develop in 2015, including reviewing the Chemical Safety Board’s recommendations on preventing hazardous chemical releases, as well as working with state agencies to improve inter-agency coordination on identifying potential drinking water contaminant sources.

The Commission’s website states that the next meeting of the Commission will be in the first quarter of 2015, which has long since come and gone. It looks like the Commission is setting itself up again for a rush to meet its December 2015 report deadline. Is the Commission actually going to meet and continue its work, or is it going to quietly disappear?

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