SB 373 already having a positive impact across WV

One aspect of the new above ground storage tank law, also known as Senate Bill 373 in the 2014 Legislative session, is having a big impact on our state, even before the WV DEP creates rules for implementing the law.  The law requires that all owners of above ground storage tanks above a certain size register those tanks with the DEP.  The registration period started June 10 and will end on October 1, when all of these tanks must be registered.

The Associated Press reports that 2200 tanks have already been registered.  Here in Calhoun County, where I live, oil and gas operators have been removing tanks that hadn’t been in use for years at or near old oil and gas wells so that they wouldn’t have to register tanks that were no longer in operation.  These removals, and the proper steam cleaning of salvaged tanks, have been a real business opportunity for at least one oil and gas service business in Calhoun.

So the new regulation has already eliminated threats to our state’s water, removed eyesores from our landscape, created new business, and generated salvage material for reuse and salvage.  SB 373 was passed in response to the chemical spill in the Kanawha Valley, but its positive impact is being felt statewide.

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