Next week, Advocates for a Safe Water System will be launching a campaign for a public water system. Those of you who are frequent readers of this blog know that I have often written about West Virginia American Water’s failed expansion strategy and American Water Work’s financial disincentives for investing in infrastructure improvements in West Virginia.

Meanwhile, our original reason for starting this blog – to provide an independent source of information and analysis during the confusion of the water crisis and its aftermath – has largely disappeared. In our first post on this blog, we wrote:

This blog is about providing citizens with the resources and tools that we need to get serious about change in West Virginia. We know that it will take sustained citizen pressure, not just immediate outrage, to really make West Virginia a healthy and safe place for us to live.

Advocates for a Safe Water System has emerged as a community group that is serious about creating lasting change. I am excited to support and participate in their new initiative.

That is why, as of next week, this website is going to transition from being a personal blog to the website for Advocates for a Safe Water System’s new campaign. All of the blog posts from this blog will still be available at

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