Water company seeks to limit PSC investigation

WV American Water has renewed its attempts to limit the scope of the Public Service Commission’s investigation into the utility’s response to the Freedom chemical leak. Just before Thanksgiving, the company filed a motion asking the Commission to remove all testimony and evidence from the record that doesn’t have to do with the actions and decisions made by the company on and after January 9th. In other words, the company wants to Commission to ignore questions of whether or not WV American Water was prepared for a spill, whether they had the appropriate equipment to monitor and test for chemicals, and whether or not they’d been operating their system with adequate water storage in the days leading up to the spill.

The Commission can take this investigation as an opportunity to learn the lessons from the crisis and order changes of the water company to prevent something like this from happening again. That won’t happen if the Commission refuses to consider the possibility that anything could have been done differently before January 9th.

Members of the public have the opportunity to submit comments to the Commission about this case. How to submit a comment:
1. Go to http://www.psc.state.wv.us/ and “Submit a Comment” on the left menu
2. Click “Formal Case” and agree to the disclaimer
3. Under “Search by Case Number” enter the case number “14-0872″
4. Click on the case number
5. Fill out the form to submit your comment.

Sample comment:
“I thank the Commission for opening an investigation into WV American Water’s response to the Freedom Industries chemical leak. This investigation represents our best opportunity to learn the important lessons that need to be understood about our water system to prevent something like this from happening again. Please consider all of the evidence that has been submitted in this case and order the necessary corrections from WV American Water.”

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