WV American Water could construct reservoir for the cost of 1 gal of bottled water per month

The former head of the Putnam County Public Service District, Fred Stottlemeyer, has released a document explaining how West Virginia American Water could construct a reservoir that would allow the utility to shut off its intake for 16-28 days in the event of another chemical spill.

The Putnam Public Service District has a similar, 560 million gallon reservoir in place, which stores a three to six month supply of water for the system.

Mr. Stottlemeyer’s proposal would involve building an 800 million gallon reservoir (65 acres) in Coonskin Park. He estimates that this would cost $25 to $35 million. Because the Public Service Commission would presumably allow West Virginia American Water to recover this cost from its water customers, this would result in a monthly increase to water bills of approximately $1.35.

Note that this contrasts sharply with the $125-$188 million price tag for a 5-day water supply reservoir (see p. 283 here) that WV American Water presented to the legislature this past year.

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