WV American Water wants a 30% rate increase

WV American Water wants to raise water rates, again. This is the first in a series of posts dealing with the rate increase.

The company made a 1250-page filing with the Public Service Commission to justify its proposed 28% rate increase (30% for residential customers). According to the utility, its rate increase does not include any of the costs that it incurred as a result of the Freedom spill, but it plans to pass these costs onto customers through a separate rate increase at a later date.

The rate increase will have to be approved by the Public Service Commission before it goes into effect. The PSC must make its decision by February 25, 2016. In making a decision, the Commission will hear evidence from the water company as well as evidence from any other parties that choose to intervene in the case. Any organization represented by a lawyer, or any individual representing him/herself, can petition the Commission to intervene in the case. So far the only groups that have asked to intervene in the case are the Consumer Advocate Division, a state agency charged with representing residential utility consumers before the PSC, and the Kanawha County Commission. The deadline to intervene in the case is July 29th.

If you want to see how a case works at the PSC and see what arguments are being made for/against this rate increase, you can subscribe to get email notifications of new filings in the case:
Go to http://www.psc.state.wv.us/scripts/CaseSubscriptions/SubscriberLogin.cfm
Create an account and then click “Add a subscription”. Enter a description, like “water rate case.” Under “Recent Cases”, scroll down to 15-0676-W-42T. Then click “Submit.”

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